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MINI BIZ is the ekasuwa blog. Its aim is to promote small businesses which is indeed growth engine of any economy. Small businesses do not only create jobs, they create wealth by supporting big businesses in consuming their products. They also could provide raw materials for big businesses as well as serve as training ground for the supply of trained personnel to the big businesses. Above all small businesses can grow into big businesses.
The role of small businesses in the mainstream economy cannot be overemphasized. They are virile revenue source. They employ people who would pay PAY taxes. Their premises generate business premises registration fees. They take away people from the streets to gainful occupations thus mitigating social miscreants. This saves the government expenditure on crime. They offer opportunities for young men and women, even old ones too, to use their God Given talents to create, innovate, and invent in order to earn their living by providing goods and services that make the society wealthy and healthy.
MINI BIZ shall bring to light among other things:
1. Small businesses that exist sector by sector.
2. What states, federal and local governments or their departments and agencies are doing or can do to promote small businesses.
3. New creations, inventions, and innovations by small businesses.
4. Focus on outstanding small businesses.
5. Potential areas and materials that are being overlooked.
MINI BIZ is anchored by I. B. Buhari.

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